[WATCH] You’re Going to Instantly Love This Viral Video of a Former Liberal Voting for Trump 2020

Well folks, it looks like more and more people are waking up to the fact that the left is completely corrupt.

Like this young lady, who was an extreme anti-Trump, pussy hat wearing liberal, but now just cast her vote for Trump in 2020.


I mean, this is the last person you would ever expect to vote for Trump right?

Watch the video:

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The woman in this video, Judith, began her “walk away” from the Democrat party when she discovered all the amazing work president Trump had been doing for sex trafficking.

As a matter of fact, the president just gave the Justice Department a $35 million grant to help with housing for those affected from sex trafficking:

From The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Tuesday announced more than $35 million in Justice Department grants to organizations that provide safe housing for victims of human trafficking.

Attorney General William Barr and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump announced the awards at a White House event attended by human trafficking victims and organizations that serve them.

Barr called human trafficking an “evil scourge,” and he thanked President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka for working to end human trafficking and help survivors. Beyond the financial support, Barr said his department will do everything possible to “investigate, prosecute and punish” traffickers.

Ivanka Trump called human trafficking the “gravest of human rights violations.” She said the event was a “celebration” of the work by the administration and the participants to confront trafficking, as well as an opportunity to hear victims tell their personal stories.

Later in the program, Barr became emotional and partly covered his face with a hand as those stories were being told.

The $35 million in Housing Assistance Grants for Victims of Human Trafficking is being provided by the Office for Victims of Crime within the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs to provide housing and services to human trafficking survivors.

It’s fabulous to see young people branch out and start asking those critical questions in order to determine their own opinion.

Not the ones handed down to them from the liberal media.

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