We Must See Abortion Sometimes to Remember What It Is and the Urgency of Ending It

This morning, I was part of a tag-team effort to get some help to an abortion-minded woman. (My plan is always to offer to pay for the Uber to go down to the Sisters of Life.) I failed, but while I was waiting for her, I started crying as I realized what was next to me. It was a medical-waste truck filled with nine big boxes of aborted baby remains. We do this in the United States. We have done this in the United States for almost a half-century.

This weekend, I was at a rosary procession at two abortion locations — one a Planned Parenthood and one a hospital — in the abortion capital of the world. I think as we have political debates that aren’t really debates, this is a real misery for so many. Girls do not know they have options, that there are people who want to help. I’ve heard it asked: “Will anyone be with me?” Yes! Love for life is real — that means the woman or girl and that baby. And the men, too. One of the sidewalk counselors who was there on Friday talked to a boy who thought his girlfriend was just going in for a checkup. He called her and she fessed up. And he had the chance to say: I’ll do this with you, you don’t have to have the abortion. At that point, so many pressures made it too late to change her mind. We have to do better than this so girls know they can do the morally right thing, the naturally right thing. And follow the science: It’s a developing child in there which we’d recognize in any other circumstance.

By the way, today’s the last day I’m going to nudge about my 2021 birthday fundraiser for the Sisters of Life. Details here and here.

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