We Owe The Media An Applause; They Told Hillary She Was Ahead In Wisconsin!

After the election in 2016, several people I spoke to had the early stages of TDS. They couldn’t believe Donald Trump had won.

They were beside themselves. So I kindly suggested they take a breather and step back and look at the election and learn why their candidate lost and Trump won. Of course, I was appeasing them, but I told them that a proper candidate could give Trump a run if he turned out to be a wrong choice, which he hasn’t. Sound advice, At least I thought so.

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Instead of blaming Hillary, they subscribed to her delusion of having the election stolen from her. The media, the left, and every crazy politico drank her Koolaide. They learned absolutely nothing from the Hillary fiasco. Nothing.

Their candidate is now some old kook suffering from mid-stages of dementia and a barely black nut-job from California. The only way Dems can win is by cheating. They still peddle the toxic poison of having the election stolen from them in 2016, and they are already claiming the 2020 election has been stolen again. The media keeps pandering to this nonsense. They learned nothing from 2016.

The truth is, we may owe the MSM a debt of gratitude. They told Hillary she was going to win, and she stayed away from Michigan, and now they are so full of lies and left-leaning viewpoints that anything they say has become irrelevant.

They’re trying to tell America that Biden should be President. They’ve demonstrated that they are no smarter than Joe himself. They’re brain-addled, whiny children. The voters have turned them off. Trump is winning and should win.

To me, the central question is why they chose him in the first place (“they” meaning the party, as it is quite clear that the voters only validated Biden once the field was cleared of competition). Was the prospect of a Sanders presidency so strong that they needed to kneecap him at the last possible moment? Or are the powers that be in the party so blind as to miss the undeniable signs of Biden’s decline before Super Tuesday?


Not that the field was particularly strong, to begin with, but I think that any of the others, Gabbard, in particular, would have given Trump a much tougher battle. As it is, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg goes to her reward, and the response to that bombshell is the Biden campaign calling a lid on Saturday events first thing in the morning?

Holy guacamole! Could there have been a better rallying cry for progressives than to replace their sainted, yet notorious, standard-bearer on the Supreme Court? Biden won’t even produce a list of potential successors? That’s my friend is political malpractice. Look for Trump to put Amy Coney Barrett on the court and, as he might say, very, very quickly.

If we hand them overpower after they have done this, we deserve everything we get. No way can we allow this to happen. If it means war in the streets with their goons, so be it. I have been preparing for this now for many months. After the election, the Right needs to get in the fight. We approach the edge of the cliff about the only thing that can stop us from going over is a resounding Trump victory. Everything else is chaos, and how far it devolves is anyone’s guess.

Just as with Hillary’s venomous, caustic, zero-charisma personality, it was Joe’s turn. Corey Booker and Amy Klobuchar and all the rest know that one day it will be their turn too.

Democrats everywhere cheered the corruption of the Obama administration, and they’ll cheer the lawlessness that’s going to be abundantly blatant and right before our very eyes.

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One thing is for sure. No matter who wins, I will never again refer to any left-wing imbecile as “President”, “judge”, “Congressman”, “preacher”, “actor”, “singer”, “doctor”, “judge”, “teacher”, “American”, etc. Why? Because the political left is not American and is not worthy of any politeness, sympathy, or caring, etc. The left is the USA’s enemy, and the only name I will refer to when mentioning a leftoid is TRAITOR.

Democrats think Biden is winning because they are deranged as he is. However, they know what they’re doing, and they are doing it intentionally. They are a threat to this Republic, and We The People, who are on the right side of liberty and freedom, must stop them by making sure President Trump is re-elected. May God be the wind in this cause.

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