We Will All Be Tested…Soon

By Rob Pue, Publisher – Wisconsin Christian News


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Letter from General Flynn. 

The people are believing lies, propagated by government and health authorities, the mainstream media and evil, wicked organizations.


As I write this message, I have just completed my distribution route, getting thousands of copies of our nationally-distributed Christian newspaper out to news racks all around Wisconsin. It’s the end of September as I write, and I’m reflecting today on the beauty of God’s amazing creation once again. It’s autumn. The harvest has past, the summer is gone. And as happens every year about this time, the leaves on the trees are at their peak of changing colors.

As I drove throughout the state over the past week, I couldn’t help but praise the Lord for the stunningly beautiful reminder He gives us each year of His love for us. Many will look at the endless color palette of the fall leaves and think, “yeah, they’re pretty, but that’s just what they do.” Many know about the science behind the changing color of the tree leaves, but never acknowledge the One Who made them do what they do this time of year, nor will they think to give Him “thanks” for such a treat.

You know, God didn’t HAVE to make the leaves change into such wondrous colors every fall. He could have just let them shrivel up, turn an ugly brown and fall to the ground. But instead, I believe He did it for us… for our benefit… a wonderful gift. He chose to reveal His marvelous creativity and beauty at this time of year — which we here in the northland get to enjoy for a few weeks — before the trees, farm fields and grass settle in for a long winter’s nap. Soon, those leafless trees will be covered in snow. But on special days in winter, even the snow-covered tree limbs become a spectacular sight to see as the sun comes out and the frosty branches glisten in astounding radiance.

It’s beautiful where I live now. I’m not looking forward to winter; I never do. But I thank God for His divine plan of the changing seasons.   Geneis 8:22, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” That’s God’s plan — and His promise. Nothing man can do can ever thwart His plans and He always keeps His promises. The heathen can cry all they want about “Climate Change,” in order to bring about another man-made “crisis” for political advantage and cultural change, but as for me, I will cling to God’s Word. He gave us His Word and that’s the one remaining thing today that we can still trust, with absolute confidence.

But even as I marvel at the spectacular beauty all around me now, I have to remind myself that we live in a FALLEN world. Our minds can’t even begin to comprehend what the Garden of Eden must have been like, before sin entered in. And as I thank the Lord for His beautiful Creation, it’s hard to believe that there are many who want nothing more than to destroy it all — to turn such lovliness into utter ugliness and death and destruction.

The news has been very bad this year. Every day it seems to get worse and worse. Threats for our safety, our freedom, our security, even threats against our very lives seem to loom overhead. Psalm 2 explains it: “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth SET THEMSELVES, and the rulers TAKE COUNSEL TOGETHER, against the Lord and His anointed saying, ‘Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.’”

Indeed, the “powers that be” in this world ARE raging. The people are believing lies, propagated by government and health authorities, the mainstream media and evil, wicked organizations that seek to bring about a One World Government under complete tyranny — and they believe the lies that this would be a GOOD thing! The people ARE raging and lashing out in violence.

The “kings of the earth” HAVE set themselves and they ARE taking counsel together (yes, friends, a CONSPIRACY) — against the Lord and His anointed people. They want to be like God. In fact, I dare say many think they ARE already gods themselves — untouchable, invincible, wielding tyrannical power over the people and manipulating them into submissive compliance, and I’m sure that right now they’re quite proud of themselves because their plans seem to be going along just as they imagined, in their vain imaginations. But this will not always be the case. Verses 4 and 5 of Psalm 2 tell us what God thinks of the high and mighty schemes of these arrogant, God-hating conspirators: “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, and vex them in His sore displeasure.”

So while the news of what is now coming upon the earth is very concerning and very frightening, and becoming moreso with each passing day, rest assured, friends, that God is still on the throne and is still in control.

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I do believe we are in for some terrible times in the days and weeks just ahead of us now. It may be that our cities and small towns will burn — destroyed by the wicked. Surely many will be injured or killed. Many more homes and businesses will be left in ruins. I don’t want to be a pessimist, but I do believe that what we have allowed to happen here in our country under our watch, cannot be undone now. We’ve passed the point of no return. Yes, sadly, I believe war is inevitable. And unlike our parents and grandparents, I don’t think we’re up to the task.

For decades, “good church-going Christians” were content to simply attend church regularly and do no more. They viewed church attendance and tithe-giving as “their reasonable service” even as Bible-reading was removed from our public schools; prayer was banned from our public schools; the Ten Commandments of God were replaced by a false “hyper-grace” gospel message in our churches, and “political correctness” replaced bold, courageous leadership, leaving the people as sheep without a shepherd, to fend for themselves, and so they adopted the ideology of pop culture and chose to obey tyrants rather than God; the murder of our own innocent unborn babies was sanctioned from the highest court in the land; homosexuality was normalized, then pridefully celebrated. Now it’s actually TAUGHT to our children in the public schools WE PAY FOR as something perfectly natural and normal.

This, of course, has led to Christians being forced, under “rule of law” to accept, affirm and celebrate sodomy too. Those who refused and chose, instead, to honor God and HIS laws have been prosecuted and persecuted, some losing everything. And this, of course, led to the “transgender” phenomenon, which is now leading to the normalization and celebration of pedophilia…. yes, the raping of our children.

And all the while, the vast majority of our churches here in America did nothing — absolutely nothing — to stop any of it. When individuals and ministries HAVE stood up to fight for God’s Word and Truth, they’ve been quickly shouted down by the “pastors” in most of our American pulpits — if not publicly, then certainly privately. Trust me, I know of what I speak. They’ve been persecuted by the “PASTORS” themselves — called “unloving,” “unChristlike,” and worse. These cowardly hirelings have instructed their flocks to “stay away” from such “radicals” who actually DO as God’s Word says. They pretend to honor God with their lips, spewing sweet-sounding platitudes that tickle itching ears, but their hearts have been FAR from God for several generations now.

And so today, the churches have been deemed “irrelevant” and “non-essential,” and indeed, I dare say, most of them are. Oh, many still do preach from the Bible. But they preach AROUND the “hard” things. They would never DARE to speak a single word or offer a single BIT of sound teaching about any of the grievious sins that have brought us to this place of judgment we find ourselves in today — for fear of offending one carnal, sinful soul.

So if you wonder “what in the world is happening?” as you go out of your house and see walking “dead” men and women with hopeless, fearful, vacant eyes peeking out from behind their masks — or others fearfully hiding in their homes, peeking out from behind closed curtains — or others rioting in the streets, tearing down everything good and Godly this country once stood for while those who are supposed to uphold law and order have been ORDERED to “stand down and let it all burn,” please understand that the answer is clear. We had our chance decades ago to uphold righteousness. But we preferred our own comfort over confronting and exposing the evil when it first NEEDED to be confronted, exposed and put down. We blew it. We failed.

Now, we can trust virtually no one. Our public schools have been turned into cesspools. Where once the Word of God was taught with reverence and honor, now the name of Jesus has become ILLEGAL to utter, unless you’re using it as a curse word. Public schools were filthy when I was a young person, long ago. You couldn’t walk the halls without hearing nearly every student — and many of the teachers — spewing vile, filthy language. Reverence for God Almighty was replaced with sewage in our schools. I can’t imagine what it must be like today.

As a nation, we banned God’s TEN commandments, His Holy Law, given to us as a precious GIFT — as a foundation for a civil, God-honoring, righteous society. If we’d only followed those simple, reasonable TEN, we would not have become slaves to the more than 10,000 “laws” of wicked, evil men we now call “public servants.” Yes, “public servants,” who, in reality, plot and scheme and profit from backroom deals and pure evil, the shedding of innocent blood, the twisting and perversion of the minds of our children — from kindergarten to graduate school. You DO realize that most college graduates today have been purposely TRAINED to hate their country, their heritage, their gender, their skin color, their parents and especially the God of their fathers, right?

I’ve spoken at length over these past seven months or so about the truth behind the lies of the lockdowns and masks. I’ve laid out for you concrete evidence for what has been happening in this world, and I’ve provided evidence of what our enemies have planned between now and the end of the year, including the very likely possibility of an invasion by foreign armies. Satan’s having a “field day” because God’s warriors have been turned into cowardly lions… dumb dogs that can’t bark… won’t bark. This, too, was done by design.

Today, only a remnant of true Christ-followers remains, which is why I stated that I don’t think as Americans we’re up to the task that generations before us bravely faced head-on. The founders, pioneers and war heroes who fought for righteousness, freedom and liberty for all were only able to endure because their faith was unshakable. When everything else around them appeared impossible, there still remained a fear and reverence of God. Now, as our country has abandoned and shunned our Creator, I see no way to escape the same end of nations that perished before us, for the same reasons. We’re under blood guiltiness and we are without excuse.

Recently, two huge prayer rallies were held on the same day in Washington DC. It was a time of prayer and repentance and returning to God. Thousands attended. Thousands more watched, listened and prayed around the world, as a solemn assembly, and no doubt many humbly repented and will continue to pray for our land. But the thousands are dwarfed by the millions of reprobates that have arisen in this world. And as God is not only a God of beauty, kindness and love, but also a God of righteousness, it seems the writing is on the wall. Judgment is coming to America and the world. Soon.

As Remnant Believers, we must prepare physically for the worst. Surely there’s coming a day very soon when the persecution will greatly intensify against Christians — REAL Christians, I mean. Many of us will not be able to work. Instant communication, as we know it today, through the internet will not only be more strictly censored, but Christians will be persecuted for speaking truth, even worse than we already are. Christianity will be a “hate crime” and a “thought crime.”   Will we be allowed to buy or sell without a vaccine or a digital “mark” of some kind? Very likely not. Yes, we must assemble ourselves together and prepare ourselves physically and be prepared to protect and defend the innocent around us and those we love.

But at the same time, we have the daunting task of preparing our hearts and minds spiritually. We must determine NOW how we’re going to respond when that persecution comes to each of us personally. Will we simply comply with evil in order to survive? Or will we stand strong for our Savior, and give our ALL for our Lord as He has given for us?

After Jesus was arrested in the garden, His best friends, His disciples followed behind — at a distance — too fearful of being associated with Him, lest they, too, suffer at the hands of wicked men. Many today are still following Jesus at a distance. Too afraid of being “called names” or afraid of the opinions of carnal men. How will they respond when the devil comes to THEIR door?   I think I hear a “cock crowing” somewhere…

Friends, what I’m saying is that if we expect to hear those words “Well done, thy good and faithful servant,” then we must prepare our hearts and minds now for persecution we cannot even imagine — because it WILL be worse than we think. We must determine to lay down our lives for the Lord. I have no problem with that, because I know what awaits me. I’ll gladly stand for Jesus — I’ve already survived many trials and tests, and I’m more than ready to go be with Him. But what if it’s not MY life I’m asked to lay down, but the lives of those I love — because of MY faithfulness to Christ? If my wife or children or grandchildren were about to be tortured, raped or killed?  Could I endure that? You see, these are the things we must prepare for — and make our minds up about RIGHT NOW, so we don’t falter or fail when our time of testing comes. Because know this:  we will ALL be tested and it’s going to be difficult and painful and heart-wrenching. But only for a short time. Then, all who are saved will inherit the new heavens and new earth where Jesus will set all things right again and this present evil will be destroyed. Stay faithful, and draw close to Jesus now, because that Great Day is quickly approaching.


© 2020 Rob Pue


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