What is Mike Pence Doing? His Latest Move Has MAGA Scratching Their Heads...

Mike Pence seems to always be walking a thin line between friend and foe.


But now, it would seem he’s become a “foe” with MAGA.

That’s why his latest move has Trump supporters scratching their heads.

Does Mike not realize that he’s seen as a “Judas” within the massive MAGA crowd, or perhaps he does know it and just doesn’t care?

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Back during his four years in office, many people questioned Mike’s actions and motives, especially when it came to Trump’s second impeachment trial where it was rumored that he was in support of it.

And we all remember the election fiasco when he decided not to use his power to help Trump and his voters.

Many took that as the ultimate backstabbing move.


Yet, even so, Mike appears to be plowing forward in his quest for ultimate power…The White House in 2024.

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After releasing an insulting op-ed, cluelessly painting himself as the “election reform” guy, Pence is now planning a big speech in South Carolina, which is the best indicator yet that he’s looking to run in 2024.

And MAGA supporters, who’ve made it clear they’re not interested in Mr. Pence, and who he needs to win, are scratching their heads in disbelief.

From Big League Politics

Former Vice President Mike Pence is planning on making his first public speech since leaving office in late April. The Associated Press reported that Pence is planning on delivering a speech to a private audience for the Palmetto Family Council, a Christian organization in South Carolina.

The speech could be considered the strongest indicator that the former Vice President is considering a 2024 presidential campaign, and is eyeing Christian conservatives as a springboard in a primary campaign. South Carolina is slated to continue its role as one of the first to vote in the 2024 primary, although it’s unclear what order it’ll vote in.

Pence is expected to speak to 400 to 650 people at Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on April 29. He’ll emphasize policy accomplishments of the Trump administration, potentially highlighting himself as an alternative to Republican voters who want a “polite” 2024 candidate.

Pence left office on shaky ground with Trump’s political base, with some suspecting he holds loyalties to the old Republican establishment and others faulting him on the basis of a belief that the Vice President could overturn presidential election results in his capacity as President of the Senate. Pence declined to speak at CPAC, although reports have emerged suggesting he’s restored his relationship with Donald Trump.

Polling indicates that Pence would stand in the middle of the pack in a potential 2024 primary where Trump doesn’t run, trailing behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Conflicting reports have emerged as to whether President Trump would select Mike Pence as his running mate in his own potential 2024 campaign, having insisted that Pence try to block electoral college results in January.


It’s of course not unheard of for a former VP to run for president, but considering the circumstances surrounding Pence, and how MAGA dislikes him, this move feels off.

It’ll be interesting to hear if he does run and Trump also runs, what his attacks on his former boss might or might not look like.

Either way, it doesn’t seem like Mike stands a chance.


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