What Would Happen if There Was a Nationwide Trucker Strike? We Might Just Find Out

A Nationwide group of independent truckers are planning to shut down their rigs for a day to start with.


By TCP Staff


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(TCP News)  A Facebook group for truckers planning on striking was established on November 6th, they already have over 40,000 members.


Here’s their message (and I’m also posting a screenshot in case it gets removed.) Note that they are specifically asking truckers who transport medical supplies not to participate.  (Source)

Our message is simple and hopefully effective. We fully intend to exercise our rights, and will not have politicians making crippling decisions, that will negatively affect our future and the future of our children.

President Trump has worked diligently for four long years to protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans, and very importantly the blue-collar workers of this country. The blue-collar workers are literally the ones that make the wheels turn! Without truck drivers this country could not survive for long. Our intention is not to harm anyone. We would like to make a point that we do NOT wish for any companies or private truck drivers, supplying any kind of medical supplies and/or services, to participate in our movement.

We will not participate in the leftist, Biden/Harris Green New Deal. We do not support the banning of fracking. The United States of America operates as a capitalistic economy and OIL is the fuel she survives on. With this being said, we will STOP ALL TIRES for 24 hours on Veterans Day 11/11/20. If this is not effective and our leaders do not respect that blue-collar truck drivers are having to face domestic terrorism, primarily in democrat run cities all over the United States, and that we do not support the banning of fracking in any way, then we will have our second STOP OF TIRES for FOUR full days 11/26/20-11/29/20.

We are calling for all patriots to share this all over the country. We may not last long on Facebook, but please do not be deterred, and continue to share this on any social media or other outlets, that you have available to you.

There is also chatter on Twitter about truckers striking:
#truckerstrike & #truckerstrike2020

What about the stores we all shop at?  Most stores these days use an inventory system called: Just-In-Time (JIT).  JIT sounds like exactly what it is, orders are placed to arrive at the store just in time.  This way, stores do not have to keep such a large inventory on hand.  This also means that if goods are not transported – stores will have empty shelves in a pretty quick hurry.  Most estimates say within 5 days shelves would be picked clean, maybe less if there is a buying frenzy once again.

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It would seem that preppers and prepping are not an outlandish, stupid, or frivolous waste of time after all.  Prepping is not and never was any of the above.  That is only said by the ignorant.  Prepping is first and foremost a matter of being prepared – and who doesn’t want to be prepared.

We are here to tell you – if you place your faith and trust in the government (instead of yourself) to provide for you and your family regardless of who runs it, then you are foolish and will pay the price.

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