What's Hunter Biden's Secret Service "Code Name"? Not Sure, But These Suggestions Are Hilarious...

Hunter Biden is back in the news.


That’s the last place Biden’s handlers want to be.

His latest shenanigans include his “illegal gun” being thrown into a grocery story dumpster by his brother’s widow, and the Secret Service reportedly trying to “cover it up” for him.

Just the usual “crackhead” stuff we’ve come to expect from the “smartest man” Joe Biden’s ever known.

MORE NEWS: Did Secret Service Try and Coverup This Hunter “Gun Scandal?”

So, when I was looking around online for interesting things to share with you, I happened upon this hilarious thread that asked people to suggest what Hunter Biden’s Secret Service “code name” might be.

And the responses are hilarious – so I thought I’d share it with you for a funny Friday chuckle – because trust me, we all need to take a break from the madness and have a laugh now and again – it helps keep us sane.

So, without further ado, here are some amazing suggestions for Hunter’s special SS code name:




“White Lines”



“China White”



“Burning Rock”

“Billy Carter”

“Dixie Crystals”

“Mother, Jugs and Speed”




“Beijing Pawnstar”


“Hot mess”



“Puff the magic dragon.”

“Meth Mouth”

“Dip Shit 2”

“China’s lunch”

“Boogger sugar”


“Train wreck”


“Inmate 6969”

“White Trash”

“Little Guy”

“Creepy uncle Hunter”

“Falling Weasel”

“tony montana”



“Sniffer Jr.”

And on and on they went…thousands of suggestions.

I really think there were some good suggestions in there.


Maybe we should send this over to the Secret Service to help them out? ?


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