When You See What President Trump Framed and Hung On His New Office Wall You’ll Cheer

This has gotta be the most uplifting photo we’ve seen of Trump in a long time!


First off, President Trump looks AMAZING.

He’s lost weight, he looks golden tan and that ear-to-ear beaming grin is beautiful.

This new photo was taken of him and Vernon Jones is making the rounds online…but not why you think…

Check it out:

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If you look on the walls behind the two men you’ll see a collage of framed photos…and the kicker is what they are…the pics are all his “best moments” from his first term in office.

Isn’t that such an incredible sight?

We agree that those are some amazing moments from Trump’s presidency, but one Twitter users suggested one other fantastic edition:


This really does make you realize just how dull the world is without Trump as president and many users loved seeing these amazing images commemorated in his office:

The right side of history =Trump
I love Trump
Thank you Mr. President

The world misses him, Biden has not come out of the broom closet to this day.

I miss having a President that loved the country this much.

He’s such a classic. Did he lose weight?

Circling the hospital waving to his supporters after beating the China Virus needs to be up there.

As he should! It’s so easy to focus on trials…hardships etc. we must remember our successes and hold courage through battles!

That last statement definitely rings the truest.

Trump and his supporters have been through many hardships, but it’s very important to celebrate and cherish the successes.

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