While Officers Were Being Shot in Louisville, KY This is What CNN Decided to Cover Instead

Well, it looks like CNN is desperately trying to prevent airing too much coverage of the violent protests erupting in Louisville, Kentucky after a grand jury handed down a decision to not indict the officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

From CNN

Protesters took to the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday, amid a countywide curfew, after a former police officer was indicted only on first-degree wanton endangerment charges for his actions on the night Breonna Taylor was killed by police.

Live updates on the announcement

Two other officers who also fired shots during the botched March raid were not indicted, meaning no officer was charged with killing the 26-year-old Black emergency room technician and aspiring nurse.
The long-awaited grand jury decisions come more than six months after Taylor was shot to death after Louisville police officers broke down the door to her apartment while executing a late-night warrant in a narcotics investigation on March 13.

The charges against the former detective, Brett Hankison, were immediately criticized as insufficient by demonstrators and activists.

The counts pertain to Hankison allegedly firing blindly through a door and window, with bullets entering an adjacent apartment where a pregnant woman, a man and a child were home, according to the state attorney general.

Sgt. John Mattingly and Det. Myles Cosgrove, the two other officers, will face no charges following months of demonstrations and unrest over the killing. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Wednesday said the officers were “justified in their use of force” because Taylor’s boyfriend fired at officers first. An FBIballistics analysis showed Cosgrove fired the shot that killed Taylor, he said.
Activists had demanded more serious felony counts, and the arrests of the three officers who fired shots the night Taylor was killed.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Louisville “Protesters” to Cops “Get Ready to F**king Die”

During these explosive riots, two officers were reportedly shot and have suffered life-threatening wounds.

But instead of CNN covering this gruesome development, they instead chose to cover Trump not transferring power if he loses the November election.

Meanwhile, this is what Fox New’s Tucker Carlson was covering:

It’s obvious that CNN trying to suppress the violence being created by these “mostly peaceful” protesters in the wake of the grand jury’s decision on Breonna Taylor.

They know the American people disapprove of this and are trying to limit the exposure of this in an effort to help Biden and the Democrat party, who originally cheered on displays like this.

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