White "Comedian" Chelsea Handler Just Publicly Humiliated Black Rapper 50 Cent Because He's Voting For Trump

Truthfully – and I really mean this with all my heart -there is no nastier or racist group of people in this country than white liberals.

White liberals have this “I am the master and know what’s best for you and you can’t succeed or do anything without my help and support” attitude going on.


That’s why white liberals have infiltrated BLM. They literally think so highly of themselves that they need to “join the cause” or it won’t be successful.

White liberals think of blacks and minorities as weak losers who can’t make it on their own. And if a minority does happen to make it, white liberals think they just got lucky and still need their help and guidance to maintain success.

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And nowhere is that disgusting, narcissistic, and racist attitude more on display than with unfunny white “comedian” Chelsea Handler, who publicly chastised and humiliated Black rapper “50 Cent” because he said he was voting for Trump because Joe Biden’s tax plan would turn him into “20 Cent.”

Look at what she said to him: “Hey f**ker! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily! Black lives matter. That’s you, fucker! Remember?”

Imagine treating someone like that just because they plan to vote differently than you.

Sure, you can say, “Hey, I wish you weren’t doing this…” or whatnot, but to belittle someone, offering to pay his taxes? I mean, I am not anyone’s financial advisor, but I’d guess 50 is making a hell of a lot more than some washed-up comedian and then calling him a “f**ker” and reminding HIM – of all people – about “Black Lives.”

It’s truly so disrespectful, but so representative of how liberals treat Black folks.


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