White Federal Male Employee Calls for Black Female Voter Nodding in Agreement Behind Trump at Town Hall to be Doxxed

Just when you thought the left couldn’t go any lower…

Sean Davis of The Federalist made a quick catch when he spotted federal employee Tom Nichols calling for journalists to doxx the black woman nodding in agreement with Trump at tonight’s town hall.


Here’s the video of the woman:

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Here’s some reactions to Nichols disgusting actions:

“Tom Nichols won’t rest until he roots out all the wrong-thinking black women from polite society.”

“Make sure you get her address and where she works too, right?

You assholes are insane, and demonstrate daily why we need #TrumpLandslide2020”

“Yeah god forbid someone show support for the president instead of the commies. As usual way out of your lane bro. Plus those aren’t journalists, they’re activists. Get it right.”

“Are you trying to weaponize media to dox a private citizen? And you think this is ok? You think everyone that sees this thinks it’s ok?”

“Quick! A woman of color is nodding in agreement with Trump at a town hall. Dox her!!! Yeah this is gonna end well Tom.”

“Maybe we should find out where you live, is that appropriate? You are a poor excuse for a human being”

This truly is a disgusting sight.

It’s sad that endangering a woman’s life for agreeing with Trump is a knee-jerk reaction for someone on the left.

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