White Liberals Attack Black Rapper Ice Cube For Working With President Trump to Help Black Americans

The left isn’t interested in helping Black Americans…they’re only interested in controlling them.

And nowhere has that sad state of affairs been more obvious than with what’s happening to Rapper Ice Cube.


First off, let’s be clear, Ice Cube is not “pro-Trump.” As a matter of fact, he’s a pretty harsh critic.

But, to his credit, he does want to help Black folks, so he was willing to work with the Trump administration to make that happen.

Recently, Ice Cube put out a video called “Contract with Black America (CWBA)” that discusses policies that will help the black community and things he’d like to see candidates talking about.

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You can watch the video below (warning language):

And now, as a result, he’s. facing hellfire from the left…Many WHITE liberals.

It all started when Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson tweeted a “shoutout” to Ice Cube for working with Trump Admin (she had his permission to do so).

And the left – again WHITE liberals – began attacking Ice Cube and other Black Americans who have worked with Trump.

Here’s a sample of the tweets from white liberals.


“I don’t care what fake ass sell outs like @kanyewest, @icecube and @SenatorTimScott are saying and selling… Donald Trump is a F racist. And a vote for Trump is a vote for racism.”

“Get a clue and stop being a sellout @icecube! @realDonaldTrump
is the furthest thing from equality and civil rights you will ever meet! You are better than this!”

“You got played by Trump just like you got played by Jerry and now you look like a fucking clown. I’m sorry, a MAGA clown.”

“Facts: You’re from the fucking Valley, duuude  No wonder you believed Cheeto Shitler – “the new white is orange”  Hypocrite. Making shitty family films & scowling like your short ass can do something. Fake ass gangster.

“Shame on Ice Cube and any of you who are allowing yourselves to be led by him. He isn’t bucking the system, he’s working his way into it for his own personal gain. Donald Trump doesn’t give AF about Black people; yet, some of you are all too willing to shuck & jive for him.”

Clearly, these people are not interested in helping Black folks, they’re just interested in power and using Black Americans to help them obtain it.

I truly hope this experience has opened Ice Cube’s eyes. Now might be a good time to pray for him, as the left barrels down on him, and also ask God to give him wisdom.

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