Whitmer Condemns Trump's Rally Amid Covid Concern

Governor Whitmer is a real piece of work, folks.

Just before announcing her support for Biden’s rally that’s coming to her state, she actually had the gall to condemn Trump for doing the exact same thing.

Maybe it’s because she knows the main thing that will be in attendance for Biden’s rally are tumbleweeds, not people.

From The Daily Wire

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer slammed President Donald Trump for holding a rally in her state amid a pandemic immediately before voicing approval for an event scheduled for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Whitmer appeared Tuesday on CNN and called Trump’s event, scheduled for Thursday, “distressing” because of the chance of spreading the coronavirus. She added that in the case of Biden’s event, scheduled for Wednesday, she trusted that the organizers are “following the science” regarding the coronavirus.

“It’s distressing, to say the least,” Whitmer said, referring to the Trump campaign rally. “You know, we have been following the science here in Michigan. We have a mask mandate, we’ve got gathering rules to ensure that we don’t have super-spreader events, yet, we anticipate that he will be descending on this state, and perhaps encouraging people to come mask-less and come together in the ways that we’ve seen them happening across the country, and I think this is very distressing.”

“We’ve pushed our curve down. We’ve saved thousands of lives. We’ve gotten people back to work, and events like this threaten all that we’ve made and I would love to see the leader of our country embrace masks and encourage people to do the right thing,” Whitmer continued. “This is an economic crisis. This is a public health crisis. We’ve got to get serious about it and focus on getting this right.”

MORE NEWS: Michigan Governor Claims Trump Rallies Without Masks Are Threatening American Safety

When are these people going to wake up and see that the American people aren’t buying this junk anymore?

See, that’s exactly why Trump can fill up a huge stadium of screaming fans, while Biden can barely fill a highschool gymnasium.

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