Is This Why the FBI Hid the Hunter Biden Laptop?

By TCP News Staff


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Letter from General Flynn. 

Why is it that the FBI having had evidence for a year in their possession – is now suddenly interested in things pertaining to Hunter Biden?


(TCP News)  The FBI has had in their possession for a year, Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Said laptop is loaded with evidence of wrongdoing by both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.  The FBI basically sat on it and did nothing with it.

Then when Tony Bobulinski (Hunter’s former business partner) was set to interview with Sen. Ron Johnson concerning Hunter Biden, all of a sudden the interview is cancelled, and Bobulinski apparently met with the FBI.


Why was there no interest when the FBI had right at their fingertips Biden’s laptop?  One can only conclude that the reason Wray’s FBI did nothing was that again the FBI was used, used to protect someone, that someone being Joe Biden.

We will say it like it is:

The bottom line is that the top cops in the U.S. had (have) evidence of serious wrongdoing by a presidential contender’s son (as well as the contender himself) and deliberately sat on it.

FBI Director Wray should be charged and immediately fired.

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