Why Not in the U.S? – Cruz Grills the Biased Media on Why Biden Accuser Was Interviewed by 60 Minutes in Australia

Well if you ever needed concrete evidence that our media is unbelievably biased, then look no further.

CBS just conducted an interview with Biden accuser Tara Reade, but it was done in Australia of all places.

So CBS is essentially saying that this information is nothing that American voters need to know less than 30 days from a national election.

You, me and any sane person knows this is complete b.s., but Senator Ted Cruz is coming out against our pathetic media at full force.


Remember when Trump’s accusers came out during the last election?

They were given prime time, national coverage, where as Biden’s accuser will only be heard in friggen Australia.

Just to remind you, here’s the horrific allegations Biden is facing.

From Washington Examiner

On a hot day in spring 1993 — she was not sure of the exact date or time — Biden’s scheduler told Reade to bring a gym bag to the then-senator. In a “semiprivate” location somewhere in the basement of a Capitol office building, she handed Biden the athletic bag.

Suddenly, he was kissing her against a cold wall and put his hand under her shirt and up her skirt. She was not wearing tights, and he penetrated her with his fingers.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” she said he asked. When she pulled away, he said: “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” Biden then grew angry. “You’re nothing to me. Nothing,” she said he told her.

Reade said that she told her mother, her brother, and a close friend who also worked in the Senate about the assault shortly after it happened.

She did not, however, say that she complained to those in the office about an assault, and a Senate personnel complaint she said she filed at the time was about harassment, not the assault.

Obviously, Reade’s allegations have much more weight than the ones that have been falsely waged against Trump.

But the media is certainly doing their best to make sure you never hear about it.

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