Wisconsin Journalist Posts Kyle Rittenhouse July 1 Fight Where He Hit A Female

It seems that some people are willing to go out there and dig up the past on today’s victims as they did with George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and more black individuals killed by law enforcement. Still, this time they found a video of Kyle Rittenhouse striking a female with a 1-2 combination. 

Rittenhouse has been championed and promoted by many right-wing conservatives who advocate his killing of two individuals during a riot. The first individual was killed as Rittenhouse allegedly tried to protect a business. When he ran from the scene, the mob ran after him thinking he was running away from the scene. A video showed Kyle talking to someone on a cell phone as he ran past the video record, claiming that he had killed someone.

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On Saturday, a Wisconsin journalist posted a fight that included Rittenhouse and other individuals who seemed to argue with a female. Tempers flared, and it looks in, in the video, two girls started swinging and hitting each other. The disturbing problem here is where Rittenhouse appears to be hitting the female who was being held with a 1-2 combination.

You can pass this off as youth, or you can be honest with truth and say this was wrong, and it speaks to the character of the young man. Nobody knows anyone these days, do we?

Kyle’s Instagram account claims that wanted to be famous, but I am not sure this is why he wanted to be known for.

I have kept a clear head about the entire situation, and I have waited for the facts to come out. I sometimes have to question the political side I am on because they defend the defenseless only because the left does the same thing.

The left protect their criminals, and it seems the right also does in certain situations these days. I am not calling Rittenhouse a criminal. However, he’s no saint, and beating down a female is not what I support, and anyone that defends this can unfollow me or stop supporting me with the quickness.



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