Women's Suffrage, Pro-Life Democrats & More: Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today

Women’s suffrage parade in Washington, D.C., Mar. 3, 1913. (Library of Congress)

1. Is America Still an Option for Christians Fleeing Persecution?

The administration has recently proposed (though not yet finalized) new asylum regulations that apply to all asylum seekers, not just those who arrive at the U.S.–Mexico border. The proposed regulations redefine key terms such as “torture,” “well-founded fear,” “persecution,” “political opinion,” and “social group” in more restrictive ways. One of the most radical changes would be to refuse asylum to anyone who passes through other countries en route to the United States, regardless of the merits of their case.

2.  Voices from Cuba: Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre

Mr Fernández Izaguirre is married with an infant daughter and another child on the way. He was a member of the Apostolic Movement, an independent network of charismatic protestant churches which the government has refused to register. He currently attends an independent Methodist church.

In July 2019 he was detained and held without charge for ten days, the first four of which he was completely incommunicado. He was detained once again for over 24 hours in November 2019, and has faced regular harassment and intimidation at the hands of the Cuban authorities since then.

3. BBC: Beirut residents fear they may lose their homes to gentrification after blast


5. US: Erbil, Baghdad and Ankara should cooperate to clear Shingal of militias

The call [for cooperation] came hours after Turkish warplanes resumed airstrikes on Shingal in the second attack on the Yezidi heartland since the onset of their latest operation in mid-June. The attack targeted a vehicle belonging to the Shingal Protection Units (YBS) according to Snune Mayor Khudeda Chuke.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell said late Tuesday on its Telegram channel that two civilians were killed in the attacks, contrary to Chuke’s reports of no casualties.


7. Rod Dreher: If It Can Happen In Kenosha . . .

I’m not telling you to not vote for Trump, or to not vote for Biden. I’m telling you that we are in for a long and messy struggle ahead. There will be blood and fire. If it can happen in Kenosha, it can probably happen where you live.

I’ve had this working theory, for as long as I’ve been thinking seriously about the arrival of soft totalitarianism — basically, since just before I started writing my forthcoming book Live Not By Lies — and trying to figure out how it is likely to arrive in full force here. As you will be able to see in my book (it comes out September 29; pre-order it at that link), the progressive left has been moving steadily to conquer American institutions, especially cultural institutions. This is not something that politics can really stop. But it has been happening for some time, and it has accelerated this year.

8. Mona Charen: Democracy without Integrity Is Impossible

Loyalty to tribe or land characterizes all people everywhere. We Americans have that, of course, but we have something more. We have a devotion to the principles and ideals of the Founding and the Constitution. We expect each American, and particularly each public official, to be loyal not to a person or a race or an ethnic group, but to the nation. When we swear an oath, it is not to a party, it’s to the Constitution of the United States.



11. Proposed Essure Litigation Settlement Reached With Bayer

12. Molly Jong-Fast: I Won’t Drink Today, and I Won’t Get the Virus Today

Like so many things in AA, the “One day at a time” mantra seemed nonsensical at first and later became gospel. Thinking I can’t have a drink ever again or even I can’t have a drink this week is sometimes too much, but I can’t have a drink today is manageable. Over the past 23 years, I’ve worked to trick my brain into staying in the moment, and not dwelling on the future or the past.


14. Samuel James: Courage Takes More Than a Keyboard

When we talk nowadays about courage, we often mean the kind of courage it takes to write a strongly worded social-media post, or publish a book or article that invites controversy. I’m sure the mother who published that Instagram post received encouragement from readers for taking a stand and making a point. But in a digital age, this kind of courage is not necessarily hard to come by. We don’t lack for bold keyboards. What we often lack is courage that doesn’t just speak truth to power, but speaks truth to oneself. Our culture of online bravado can mask our weak presence.

15. Erika Bachiochi: How Women Made The Moral Case For Suffrage

Willard did not expect women alone to shore up the moral responsibilities owed to children and other vulnerable populations, as though men were incapable of leading moral lives. Rather, she believed that devoted fatherhood, like devoted motherhood, had the potential to transform men into people with the strong moral character the country needed. Men too ought to understand that rights, properly understood, presupposed such duties.

16. The Wollstonecraft Project at Abigail Adams Institute




20. ‘God is not a liar’— Invalidly baptized priest thankful for God’s Providence

Hood had been living priestly life for three years. He’d seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. But he said he never considered not being ordained again, or, rather, for the first time.

“I felt the Lord renew within me joy about being able to say yes again. Because the ‘yes’ that I said previously wasn’t valid, right? But I think the Lord enabled me to be able to say ‘yes’ with joy and with great freedom,” he told CNA.


22. Nuns in Poland care for newborn in baby box

The Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary in Warsaw, Poland, found a baby girl Monday morning who had been left in their “Window of Life,” a baby box installed in the convent wall accessible from the outside for parents who cannot care for their newborn.

23. BBC: Africa declared free of wild polio in ‘milestone’

24. Andrea Bocelli on Music and Miracles

25. Robert George and Cornel West singing, “This Little Light of Mine”

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