"Ya'll Like 47 Years of Bullsh*t? Maybe You Just Like Getting Your A** Whooped?" 

This woman gets it.

She can see through the Dem charade and she understands that what they’re doing to the Black community is criminal.


Look, it’s not easy to undo decades of brainwashing and victimizing, I get that, and people are waking up all over the place to the Dems lies and schemes, but we need more to wake up and start demanding better for themselves, their families, and their communities.

And that’s why I love this woman so much.

She is asking Black voters TOUGH and RAW questions and holding them accountable – not just their beliefs, but for their actions as well – especially for giving these Democrat ghouls a pass for so long now.

The Democrats come around every 4 or so years, saying the same old tired BS, and once they secure the black vote, they shuffle off and focus on the stuff they really care about like illegal aliens, transgender, and solar-powered windmills.

Stuff that doesn’t help Black folks, and actually hurts them in the short and long run.

Illegal aliens are taking jobs, transgender athletes are taking scholarships from young girls, focusing on climate change takes away from focusing on local communities.

When will “enough” truly be enough?

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She’s really fantastic, and as I said, she gets it. Her entire rant is spot-on, but my favorite part is when she says to Black voters, “So, you can’t take another 4 years of someone actually doing something to help Black people, but you can take 47 years of someone doing nothing?”

That’s powerful, raw, true, and it’s the exact message all Americans should hear loud and clear.

You can watch the video below:

America First is for all Americans. This isn’t about “white vs black.” This is a plan for all Americans to prosper and to finally be put first.

And this notion of placing Americans First absolutely terrifies Dems – because if all Americans are happy and prosperous, they lose power.

Democrats are a political party based on angst, fear, and victimhood –  and you can’t have “angst, fear, and victimhood” if people are happy and doing good for themselves…and Dems just can’t have that.

It’s time for all Americans to wake up and see what’s happening here and fight back. Our lives and our country depend on it.


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